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  • A R Website Design, based in The Forest of Dean offers bespoke, simplistic and easy-to-use websites. With over 4 years experience, contact us today for help with your website, SEO & Social Media. Website Design packages start from just £850.00.

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  • Lansdown Insurance Brokers have been established in Cheltenham for over 50 years and our locally based staff have built up a reputation for excellent customer service. We can take the worry away with our expertise to make sure you have the right insurance cover whatever the type of business.

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  • A 5* home from home day & holiday dog boarding service licensed under Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 standards in the beautiful Forest of Dean. Pet sitting, dog walking and wedding services available. Fully insured and police checked. Providing a professional & reliable service.

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  • Based in the picturesque Forest of Dean, JB Leasing offer industry leading service as well as competitive pricing on both business and personal contract hire vehicles. Whether you‘re looking for a Peugeot or a Porsche, get in touch for a friendly, no obligation chat today.

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  • Crossroads is a charity supporting unpaid carers, people living with a disability or in social isolation. We aim to improve health and wellbeing of service users and promote their independence, empowering them to remain living safely at home.

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  • Honey Bee Collection and Removal Services
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  • Peachy Impressions design and create both luxury handmade and cost effective e-mailable/printable wedding and party invitations. All of our work is printed in-house using professional printers, high quality materials and assembled and finished by hand.

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Create the ultimate bird-friendly garden - 28/03/2015

evolution trees

Spring is finally here, and many garden owners will have noticed birds getting busy with their courtship displays and even collecting nesting materials. Yes, nesting season is well underway and according to many conservation authorities such as the RSPB, it generally runs between March and August. However, some other organisations will advise leaving hedges well alone between February and August.

Leave hedges alone from now until August

Now, we already covered the legalities of hedge trimming during nesting season in this earlier post. So, it‘s worth a read in case you need a refresher.

Leave your trees with nesting birds alone from now until August! If in doubt, call a tree surgeon!

So, as well as leaving your hedges alone for now, it‘s also important to be respectful of any birds nesting in trees or shrubs. As professional tree surgeons, we know the laws around nesting birds and are able to advise you if you do run into any difficulties with a tree that is home to them. Don‘t attempt to deal with the issue by yourself – this could mean breaking the law as well as putting yourself and the birds at risk!

How can I encourage birds in to my garden?

Many people enjoy watching birds in their gardens and we sometimes get asked about how you can encourage them to take up home there. Well, there are a few things you can do.

Putting food out...

You can start by putting food out for them on a regular basis. However, get a bird table for this, as cats may be on the prowl, looking out for a quick meal!

No bread or peanuts for nestlings!

The RSPB advises against putting out foods such as bread and peanuts during the spring and summer, as these foods are actually harmful to nestlings. They also warn that homemade fat balls can quickly turn rancid in higher temperatures. So, what should you put out for our feathered friends?

Well, currants, soaked sultanas, mealworms, black sunflower seeds and good seed mixes without peanuts can all make great foods to help nourish growing nestlings. You can even leave out pieces of soft fruit – but remember the importance of hygiene. Nobody likes mouldy food – not even birds!

Now, back to trees...

There are certain species of trees and shrubs that can help create the ultimate bird-friendly garden. In fact, you can also put up nesting boxes, but just make sure they are out or reach of cats.

Certain trees, shrubs and climbers make great nesting cover. Ivy is a great one. Now, we‘ve already discussed the potential pitfalls of ivy, but there are other excellent alternatives for nesting birds such as Clematis Montana which can be grown up walls or trees.

Going Native

One of the advantages of planting native species is that they also support insect life – which can mean food for certain species, such as berries in the autumn.

The Hawthorn: This shrub produces sweet smelling blossom in the spring, and it can be pruned to make it denser, as the spikey growth makes excellent nesting cover. You‘ll also end up with a great crop of berries in the autumn if you don‘t over-prune it.

Mountain Ash, or Rowan: This attractive tree is one of our smaller species with white blossom in the spring, but it also produces a crop of fiery red berries in the autumn, which the birds go wild for.

The Rose: Finches love rose hips and we don‘t have to tell you that these beautiful flowers make a fabulous addition to any garden. You can also buy wild dog roses, which come with a sweet smell and produce an abundance of fruit.

Yew tree: These slow growing evergreen trees make excellent hedging and can provide dense cover for birds. The female trees also produce sticky red berries, which act as a magnet to members of the thrush family. However, every part of the tree apart from the red flesh of the berry is poisonous.

Firethorn (Pyracantha): This popular thorny shrub is excellent for providing cover for birds and it will also grace your garden with masses of white flowers during the spring. The orange or red berries also liven up the garden right through to early winter and will draw in hungry birds. However, be sure to pick a variety that produces plenty of berries.

Leave a wild area...

Last but not least, some people like to leave a wild area in their garden if they have the space. This is great for conservation and can only enhance any efforts to create your ultimate bird friendly garden!

So, now you have some handy tips for attracting our avian chums. However, if you need any advice on planning your garden, choosing trees or maintaining them so as to have the least impact on wildlife, Evolution trees has plenty of experience in this area.


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